Button and String Closure

Get Creative

We have options.  Aero will do the installation for you. Your job is to decide which button, string and eyelet combination you would like to go with. We offer different types of buttons, string and eyelets to bring your design to the next level. Our team will work with you to determine the best combination for your project. Send in your mock-up and we will install the buttons & string of your choice for your customer to review. We suggest the stock to be 80# or thicker for the best results for the button and string application.

Thickness of Stock:  The buttons and string are installed using standard eyelets which can accommodate multiple stock thickness up to 5/16”. Our standard eyelet finishes are black, brass, nickel and white for stock under 1/16”. We can offer dull tin and copper plating with a minimum of 1,000 eyelets. 

Get Creative:  Do you need a more custom look for your project?  Consider providing the buttons.  This allows you to choose the eyelet size, the size of the button, color and the stock of the button.  Another option is to use a ribbon for the string.   

Which eyelet, string and button combination will work best for your project? Contact us today for more information on our services for installing buttons and string into your project. Call 1-800-932-0177 or info@aeroassemblies.com.

Standard Options

button string standard
Mix and match any combination

The SE6 Series eyelets are used to install the paper buttons.  Brass, Black, Nickel and White are standard options for stock under 1/16″.

button string standard
Standard Industry B&S String

The length of the string for each project is determined during set-up or may be based on the customer’s preference.  This string is only available for in-house projects. 

Paper Buttons

Red, Craft and Black
Diameter of Button: 11/16″ | Thickness – .024″
Installed using the SE6-3/16″

Creative Options

clear buttons
Clear Plastic Buttons

Diameter of Button: 13/16″ | Thickness – .018″
Installed using the SE5-5/32″ eyelet. We also stock a white polyester cord which is a popular choice for the clear buttons. These buttons are only available for in-house projects.

1MM Twine

Twine can be used with paper buttons, clear buttons and customer supplied buttons. The length of string is determined during set-up for each project. Twine is also available for purchase by the spool.

1.2mm Elastic String

Elastic string is used for a button & loop application. The folders are designed with a button on one side and a loop on the other. Elastic is also available for purchase by the spool.

Customer-supplied buttons

portfolio work 2
customer-supplied button project 2
customer-supplied button project 3
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