About our Garage Door Cables

Aero Assemblies offers a full line of products for the garage door industry including cable assemblies, fasteners, bulk wire rope, fittings, hand tools and rope. We manufacture cable assemblies for commercial and residential garage doors for standard and non-standard variations to fit your needs. Our cables assemblies are manufactured in the USA at our Burnsville facility using Korean wire rope and USA made sleeves and stops to insure consistent quality. Cable assemblies are coiled into pairs and color coded with a twist tie. We stock right lay and left lay wire rope to meet our customer’s individual requirements. Cables are ordered in pairs.

Available by the carton, ½ carton, and bag kitting. We offer stocking and distribution programs to meet customers’ individual needs.

Standard and special length spools of wire rope in stainless steel and galvanized stainless steel are available.

Standard and special fittings for garage door cable assembly are available.

Aero stocks rope in nylon, polyester and polypropylene.

Extension Spring Cables

Typical Cable Used
7×7 cable
Diameters: 3/32” or 1/8”

Standard Configuration
Loop on one end and a bare end on the other.

Cable Length Measurement
From the bearing surface of the loop to the end of the cable.

Torsion Spring Cables

Typical Cables Used
7×7 or 7×19 cable
Diameters: 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32” or 3/16”

Standard Configuration
Loop on one end and a stop on the other. Looped end can be plain or reinforced with thimble or cable spooled eye.

Cable Length Measurement
Between the bearing surfaces.

Commercial Torsion Spring Cables

Typical Cable Used
7×19 cable
Diameters of 3/32”, 5/32” or 3/16”

Standard Configuration
Thimble loop on one end and 2 stops (floating and fixed) on the other. The cables are reinforced to handle industrial or heavy duty applications.

Cable Length Measurement
From the bearing surfaces of the loop to the fixed stop.

providing solutions

Garage Door Cables – Fasteners – Wire Rope Spools – Sleeves & Stops

Stocking programs are  available

Our sourcing ability for new and existing parts allows us to provide high quality products at competitive pricing.  

Certifications Available

Certifications are available for the majority of our products. Please specify the certifications required at the time of order. Fees may apply.

Ordering Details

$35 minimum order.
Some items may have a higher
minimum amount due to packaging.

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