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Aero Assemblies partners with printers and designers to help bring their client’s concept to reality.  We understand that every project is unique and we take the extra steps to ensure we provide quality service with prompt turn times.  Our team will work with you from start to finish to ensure you achieve the finished product your customer expects. Browse our portfolio of projects below that we have had the opportunity to collaborate on.

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We do eyelet installation for a wide variety of types of projects. The possibilities are endless. Request a “Get on Target with Eyeleting” brochure. It’s the perfect tool to assist you with our eyeleting services.

Our Equipment

We have the tools to get the job done.

20 Eyelet Machines

3 Grommet Machines

2 Drills

1 Shrink Wrap Machine

Kitting & Packacking Services

Projects Of All Sizes

We have 20 machines to accommodate small to large jobs. We work on projects of 1 to 100 pieces as well as national marketing campaigns of a million pieces or more.

Brochures & Booklets

The application to bind a brochure or booklet with only one eyelet allows the pages/text sheets to fan.   The standard setting for the eyelet is to allow the pages to move but to hold their position when not being moved.   Aero can modify the tension(setting) of the eyelet to meet each customer’s requirements.

Thickness of Brochure: The maximum thickness for your booklet should not exceed .300″ if you would like to consider an eyelet for binding the pages together.  

Placement of Eyelet: The placement of the eyelet should be considered during the design process to avoid putting text in the dead zone.  The dead zone is the area that will be hidden as the pages turn.   For example, if the center of the hole for the eyelet is drilled .30″ from the edge, you will end up with a .60″ diameter dead zone as the pages turn where the eyelet is installed.

Button & String

Aero will do the installation for you. Your task is to decide which combination of button, string and eyelets you would like to go with. We offer a variety of choices to bring your design to the next level. Our team will work with you to determine the best combination for your project.  

Dials & Wheels

The most common use for an eyelet is to connect two  circles together.    This application can used for calculator wheels, product reference tools as well as a marketing tool. 

3 piece wheels are common along with some applications with 4 pieces are more. 

Design Studio

We often work on projects that we think are quite interesting and fun.  Though we were not the people who designed these projects, we often work with the printers & the designers during the design phase.     

Design & Function


Elastic offers a creative closure for booklets, folders and envelopes.   The elastic is installed to the printed piece using eyelets.   

Button & Elastic Loop  Journal Closure
Pencil/USB holder
Elastic Loops in Tags

Snaps, Clips & Finger Eyelets

 Snaps provide a unique way to close your product.   We offer two sizes of snaps in a nickel finish.   The snaps can be installed into a variety of stock up to .11″ thick.  

#104 Snaps with a 7/16″ overall diameter
#106 Snaps with a 9/16″ overall diameter

1″ Finger Eyelets for Binders 


Arrows and custom spinners work great for board games and advertising campaigns.   The majority arrows we install are printed and die-cut by the printer.   

Tang Folders

Tangs and reinforcement eyelets are used in folders to hold pre-punched papers.  Tangs are generally installed on the left side of the spine and the eyelets are on the right.  

Aero can install four different lengths of tangs into your printed folder.   
#1 Tang – up to 3/8″ capacity
#2 Tang – up to 3/4″ capacity
#3 Tang – up to 1-1/4″ capacity
#4 Tang – up to 1-3/4″ capacity


Eyelets are used to reinforce the holes in a tag.  Grommets and  washers are also available for industrial safety tags.   We offer 10 different size eyelets and grommets with a variety of finishes.

We also provide a number of solutions for hanging your tag.   

Request a Quote

Please include the following information to receive an accurate quote for your project:

  • Size
  • Stock
  • Quantity
  • Eyelet/grommet size
  • Eyelet/grommet placement
  • Any other relevant information

A PDF or a drawing of your design is always appreciated if you have a unique design or requirement.  Your quote will include specifications on how your job needs to arrive to us as well as our production time. 

We will eyelet mock-ups free of charge and continue to work closely with your team during the design phase.

Need To Purchase Eyelets?

Aero Assemblies is a distributor for Eyelets, Grommets, Tang Strips, Tang Fasteners and a number of other bindry items used by the commercial printing industry. 

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