Assembly Services

Aero Assemblies provides solutions from the early concept of your project to the finished product.   We work with our customers to determine how we can customize our products and services to meet their individual requirements. 

We manufacture wire rope cable assemblies for a number of industries.   From simple to intricate applications, we partner with our customers to fabricate their assemblies to their required specifications using cost effective solutions.    

Control cables are used in any application where actuation or mechanical force needs to be used to actuate something between two fixed points.  We offer Bowden Style, Braided Reinforced and Flat Wound Conduit along with a large selection on conduit fittings and components. 

We manufacture cable assemblies to order for door manufactures and installers.   Standard and non-standard variations are available for commercial and residential doors.    We provide a number of products for the door industry such as fasteners, wire rope spools, and fittings.     

We have 20 machines to accommodated small to large jobs.   A variety of eyelet sizes and finishes are available to bring your design to the next level.  

Let's talk about your project

Have a specific project in mind?  Aero Assemblies will work with you from the early concept to the finished product.   We have  the tools and experience.  We will work with you to determine how we can customize our products and services to meet your individual requirements.   

Industries we serve

  • Aerospace 
  • Agricultural
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Garage Door
  • Medical 
  • Military
  • Municipal
  • Retail Point of Purchase 
  • Printing
  • Security 

It's in the details

We can provide AA’s dimensions before and after the crimping process along with other critical data you require to determine the best fitting for your project.

Dimension Detail Sheet

Eyeleting Projects

Aero will eyelet mock-ups free of charge.   

  • Send in the mock-ups as specified in our quote.
  • Confirm your eyelet size and finish.
  •  Let us know when your mock-ups are on their way to Aero and we will turn then in a day or 2                          
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