Eyelets, Tangs & Accessories

Aero Assemblies stocks a wide range of bindery fasteners for the printing industry.   The SE(Standard Eyelets) eyelets range from a hole diameter of 1/8″ up to 1/4″ with graduated lengths to accommodated your requirements. Standard  finishes are Black, Brass and Nickel.

Need your eyelets installed?

Aero Assemblies offers eyeleting services with numerous options for customization. Our eyelet installation capabilities include spinners, dials, brochures, booklets, tang folders, elastic, button and string, snaps, tags, and design studio to work with your custom designs.


Tang Strips

Each strip has three #1 tangs and three #2 reinforcement eyelets.

Ready for installation into your folders.    

Capacity is 3/8″. 



Eyeleting Tools

We stock a variety of setting tools for eyelet & grommet machine

Grommets & Washers

#3 Grommet - 7/16"
#4 Grommet - 1/2"
Need help choosing an eyelet?  

We have over 45 years of experience provided bindery fasteners to the trade.  Contact Aero today to discuss your requirements.

Certifications Available

Certifications may be  available.  Please specify the certifications required at the time of order. Fees may apply.

Ordering Details

$35 minimum order. Some items may have higher minimum due to packaging. Learn more about ordering, shipping, and returns.

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