Elastic Stretch Calculator


1. Select the wire rope construction/material.  

2. Enter the length of your assembly. (The “cut to” length will give you a more accurate number.)  

3. Enter the bare cable diameter.  

4. Enter the estimated load for the assembly.  

The adjusted cable length output does not include fitting elongation or other assembly application variable(s).  So we will need to consider those parameters as well to get a more precise calculation. This calculation is using the default “non pre-stretched” cable configuration.  Pre-stretched cable is available but minimums and longer lead times will apply.   Contact us at info@aeroassemblies.com for further information.

E = (W x G) / D² (E is Elongation/Stretch, W is Weight of the load in pounds, *G is a predetermined factor, and D is the cable diameter)

Assembly calculation example.  .125 7X19SS Cable, 20″in length @500 lbs.  (W=500 X G=.0000162) / (D²= .015625) E= 20.10368

*G factor (This is predetermined):
[E] Percentage of Length (example .5 = .005% length):
Elastic Stretch "ES" Total Length (Inches) Approximate:
Estimated stretch length is an adjusted value baed on these calculations, your results may vary slightly.
*The "G" Factor is calculated using the modulus of elasticity properties found within engineering reference materials such as The Wiley Engineer's Desk Reference and the EngineeringToolbox.com
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